Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carney Supports Spectrum's Expansion Plan

Section: CAPITAL REGION Page: B8 Date: Saturday, June 10, 1995
SARAH METZGAR Staff writer
ALBANY The Spectrum Theatre has unveiled major expansion plans to neighbors, getting thumbs-up on a proposal for three more screens, additional parking and a cafe.
``They had excellent plans. We're going to put together a letter endorsing the idea,'' said Tim Carney, president of the Delaware Area Neighborhood Association. ``It's an asset, not only bringing people into the neighborhood but employing people. It's a beautiful place, and they're going to make it even better.''
Keith Pickard, one of the owners of the four-screen theater at 290 Delaware Avenue, which often includes foreign and art films among its offerings, said they want to add 348 new theater seats and additional parking, acquiring the building next door and vacant land behind it. They haven't filed any application yet with the city, he said.
``This is just in the discussion stages,'' Pickard said. ``Whether these plans are going to happen or not, we're not sure.''
Carney, who is stepping down from the presidency of the neighborhood group to run for the Albany County Legislature, said motorists would enter the parking lot at the existing driveway but would exit at a new driveway on the other side of the theater. About 120 new parking spaces would be built, he said.
An addition would be built at 296 Delaware, Carney said, to house three additional screens and a cafe.

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